Depression, a painful and lonely state

All of us have experienced depression during one time or another. Sadness is quite normal when we are hurt or when our expectations are not met. The sadness we feel during those times drift away after some time and we get back to our lives. Nevertheless, persistent depression is precarious and should not be left… [Continue Reading]


Facts regarding depression

Depression is a state of feeling mentally low with no energy or interest to do any tasks. Symptoms of depression comprise spells of feeling low, low self-esteem, frustration, anxiety, panic and so on. Depression makes the concerned person disconnected from others and even the person. The indifferent and dark moods would prevail even in matters… [Continue Reading]


Understanding Mental and Emotional health

When one feels down and this may happen from time to time in today’s fast paced world where family and friends rarely have time for each other. Emptiness and despair take hold of you and simply won’t be driven away then it is a sure case of depression. ‘Feeling blue’ is a term most commonly… [Continue Reading]


Bipolar Depression


Genetics and alcohol leading to depression

I have never heard of Goodwin, but I have a two-inch stack of Cloninger’s articles on genetics and alcoholism. Unfortunately, my review of these articles has not focused on depression or really anything that would help me address this “gender roles as a mediator of depression/alcoholism hypothesis.” I do know that there is a stronger [...]


Side-effects of depression medication

I was on Prozac for 1.5 years and like you was feeling so much better that I decided to come off of it. Like you I to noticed that within a few months I was becoming more irritable with the kids and my husband. Within a few months of feeling that way I noticed the [...]


Causes for depression in children

I certainly was unhappy child, weather it was depression I cannot say.. There are circumstances that can make children very sad divorce, abuse, domestic violence.. All these things can make a child sad/depressed.. I would say there is no sure way I mean does being a loner and always seeming melancholy qualify? I don’t know.. [...]


If your spouse is a depression patient…

If your personal value and self esteem are built around helping your wife-to-be, then you will condemn her to forever under function and you will condemn yourself to forever over-function. (Until perhaps you crash and burn yourself!!!!) I think perhaps it is this “feeling” that others were reacting to (tho I am sorry I did [...]

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Clinical Depression


Eating Disorder and depression

More than five million Americans suffer from eating disorders. At any given time, 40% of American women are dieting even though half of them are at normal weight. One study of high school girls found that while 26% dieted, only 12% were actually overweight. Approximately 5-10% of postpubertal girls and women suffer from an eating [...]


St Johns Wort and Depression

St. John’s Wort has been used for centuries to calm the nerves and treat depression. It has now become a popular alternative to the commonly prescribed medications such as Prozac and Diazepam. You may have seen a recent report on the television program 20/20(June 27,1997) which reported, in detail, the benefits of St. John’s Wort [...]


Common signs of depression

Irritability, fury and extreme anger were all part of my depression, or at the very least VERY closely tied to it. All of it was treated by the Prozac; I’m on 20mg every other day and have been for just over 3 years. I highly recommend that you make an immediate appointment with you Doctor [...]


Coping with situations of depression in childhood

One of the best ways I can think of finding children who are at risk for depression would be to look for the kid at the bottom of the pecking order. Children are very sensitive to vulnerability in other children, and they are going to pick on the weakest and most isolated. Also, remembering my [...]

Signs Of Depression


Intimacy & Depression Partner Call-in Nights

Intimacy &Depression: The Silent Epidemic, a national awareness campaign that kicked off with two sold-out “Town Hall” events in New York and San Francisco, indicates a need for open discussion between people with depression, their partners and physicians about the impact of depression and its treatments · Depression takes a toll on relationships: marriages in [...]


Correlation between depression and becoming a Christian

I will assume that you are a new Christian because of your zeal for the Lord. I too was “on fire” for the Lord for the first few years and especially the first few months! How I’d love to relive that time over again! But you err in saying that all who suffer from clinical [...]


Teen’s book on depression

Cait Irwin, a teenager and depression survivor, has written a book on her journey to wellness from the battle with her “beast”, depression.I, for one, would love someday to be “cured” of depression, or at least live as well with it as is possible. Self-help books are a vital source of info., especially when written [...]


Situational depression can lead to serious issues in future

Well, here I was thinking that my seasonal depression was better with the use of light therapy when I got a blow to my support system and I’m down for the count again. I think my therapist has decided I am hopeless, at any rate, he is pronouncing me fit to leave therapy. So I [...]