Depression can make you ache physically

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I am getting so discouraged, I requested my records from the rummy I had been going to 18 months ago, and when I got them I found out just exactly what my results were and what he thought, everything was apparently normal, (except that I was in extreme pain, and my hands were swollen) well he gave me some samples of meds, (most of which made me sick), then sent me on my way, well when I got my records yesterday, I read them and found out that he feels that I am just imagining things or so to speak, he wrote that in his opinion there was very minimal pain, and no swelling, basically that I was just depressed.


Another thing, I’ve learned, is that depression can make you ache physically more. It seems to actually affect the joints. And, of course, the aching definitely can cause depression! So it’s very easy to get caught in a vicious cycle. Years ago, I happened to have Kaiser since it was what my employer offered for medical insurance. I was in one of those situations where I was aching alot and it was depressing me. The doctor basically brushed me off, and then they refused to let me see him again (without getting on a waiting list…). Instead they sent me to see the Kaiser shrink. He was nice, but more importantly honest.


He offered to give me anti-depressants, but told me that my depression wasn’t that bad and I could probably pull myself out of it. Since I knew that my problem wasn’t depression, I ended up doing just that. (Kaiser may be good, but since this little episode, I hate them and refuse to ever use them again.) I’m sorry, I don’t have much advice for you. But I hope that knowing that someone understands how you feel somehow helps you psychologically.

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