Every mood-swing is not depression

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Why is it that if you happen to get a bit upset about something that some doctors tend to jump right straight to the depression/anxiety thing and want to throw a bunch of meds at you?? Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that the meds out there for depression and anxiety are good meds and definitely have their role in things, but if you show one little bit of emotion, some docs immediately jump right to that!!!! I was at my pcp’s and he is training and working with some interns.


Well, I have been having quite a time since I got back from Ohio gimp picnic. I had the pneumonia and then developed double ear infections, so was on two different antibiotics plus increased steroid doses. Finally cleared the ear infections and the pneumonia, but now have a nasty sinus infection. So, am onto my third antibiotic. Was talking to the pcp while intern sat in on everything and threw in the occasional comment or question. At one point, I started to get a little choked up and told my pcp that this was all getting really old. He cracked some remark, and we both had a good chuckle and then it was on to the rest of our visit.


Well, he went out to get me some samples of the new antibiotic and also to ask the nurse to call my prescription in to the pharmacy so it would be ready to pick up when I got there. Apparently the intern told my pcp she thought I was overly anxious and depressed, and maybe needed to be put on some meds for both. My pcp came back in with her and ask her to repeat what she had told him. WOW, I was surprised at her reaction, but told her that I am usually not prone to being depressed or overly anxious about things (at least I don’t think I am!) and that patients can break down and cry once in a while and not be depressed or overly anxious.


She insisted that I consider meds, so I ask her to please step out of the room while I discussed things with my pcp. I ask him what he thought about this all, and he said he did not feel I was depressed or anxious and that he thought I usually handle things pretty darn well. Well, shoot then, why did he allow her to pressure me about depression and such. He explained that she was learning and that they do as doctors have to watch for that type of thing, but that he wouldn’t have let her put me on meds unless I really wanted to go on meds.

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