Paxil has ruined my life…

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Paxil has basically ruined my life. I have terrible tinnitus and have had to deal with that and now am still dealing with it. The nauseusness and tinnitus was so overwhelming I have had to take a leave of absence from work and today I submitted my resignatiiion because I still feel like shit, and to get better is going to take 1 to 2 years according to the nuero-otologist for my ears. I have been thru the ringer with doctors, sinus surgery, predisone, diuritecs, because my ears were popping like a microwave popcorn bag.


They are full of pressure. My head felt so bad on the paxil and ears, I felt like if you could stick a knife in them and pop them, I could feel better. I was having terrible night sweats drenching, restless legs, which the psychologist blamed on perimenopause- wrong, it’s all gone now, now that I am off that crap. I am still left with the nauseau and dehabilitating tinnitus and no dr. knew, not even psychiatrist that tinnitus is a frequent side effect of Paxil unitl I called the manufacturer and found out. I was also having weird vivid dreams, mood swings, and never got undepressed til I got off that stuff. It wasn’t working for my depression, so they just kept upping the dosage.


What idiot drs. The withdrawal was so bad, I wanted to die. My kids will never be drug addicts, I can guarantee that of what they saw me go thru. I have had tubes put in my ears to help the tinnitus, to no avail. Paxil has ruined my health, my finances, my marriage, and has taken a year of me away from my children. I now have to spend the next 1 to 2 years rehabilatitaing myself. I am tired of the nausea- it should be gone by now but is not. I cannot believe I haven’t had a heart attack with what I have gone thru. Someone should have known this stuff. I have reported to FDA and so has manufacturer. I am sick of drs. who know nothing. I am tryiing chiropracty , homeopathy, but decided Ineed to see a gastrointestinaologist due to nausea-paxil has messed up my insides. And you all know what a pain it is with the HMO and getting referrals, etc.


I found out from an urgent care dr. that Paxil can be very bad, she saw a story on ABC news about it , some lady on it, I didn’t find out from my primary care who prescribed it in the first place or the psychiatrist who just kept saying try this, try this, and the stupid psychologist who was supposed to be in touch with the psychiatrist who i kept telling about my ears.


I also had extreme sleepiness, and when i went to psychiatrist, he said that is side effect, bring you down slowly, but talked about my ears, sinus surgery, he never connected the tinnitus.. – And guess what, its side effects are long lasting. They just handed it out like water. Insane. Did anyone else see the judgement on the Today Show- family won $8million judgment against makers of Paxil. We need to start a class action lawsuit. Any takers? I have name of lawyer friend here.

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